Private Home Rentals Now Available

Rent Like a Champion makes it easy for 2020 PGA Championship corporate clients to secure single or multiple homes. Who are home rentals for?

  • Staff who want a short commute: They may want to be close to Whistling Straits so they can arrive early and stay stay late on the course.
  • Company executive or VIP guests: The best experience is the comforts and services of a private home in proximity to the course.

Host home entertainment for a dinner party, post-play/end-of-day cocktails, business or social meetup.

Speak to Rent Like a Champion staff and let their experience and knowledge of available homes work for you. A conversation with staff will give you the confidence that you will reserve the right home for your rental goals. Please contact Rent Like A Champion to learn about the home rental program and how it can enhance your Ryder Cup experience.

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